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Woodbridge Orchestral Society

   Site updated on    25 February 2019


Elgar         Chanson de Matin      

Elgar         Chanson de Nuit      
Edward German Three Dances Nell Gwyn
Ketelby       Intermezzo In a Persian Market
Massenet      Scenes Pittoresque
Mendelssohn   Scottish Symphony
Suppe    Overture   Morning, Noon and Night


Beethoven     Overture    Prometheus

Elgar         Rosemary
Grieg    Peer Gynt Suite Anitras Dance

Ases Dance Dance of the Gnomes

Holst         Suite for Strings    Finale
Kettelby Jig-Saw     Tunes from everywhere
Mozart         Minuet Allegro Vivace
Mozart         Symphony in C The Jupiter
Schubert  Selections       Lilac Time
Elgar     March     Pomp and Circumstance
Massenet  Suite     Scenes Pittoresque
Mendelssohn    Italian Symphony
Thomas A.      Overture    Raymond

Wood A.   Suite      Three Dale Dances
John Ansell    Overture    Plymouth Hoe

Beethoven      Symphony No. 1 in C 1927
Mendelssohn    Overture The Hebrides

Moszkowski     Spanish Dances Opus 12
Beethoven      Overture     Egmont

Borowski       Petite Suite  

Ketelby   Intermezzo   In a Persian Market
Mozart         Symphony in E flat

Schubert       Unfinished Symphony

Wagner    Grand March        Tannhauser

Grieg          Grand Fantasia Popular Works
Massenet       Prelude from Eve
Mendelssohn    Scottish Symphony

Rosse          Suite    Merchant of Venice
Schubert       Overture Rosamunde
Weber          Overture Euryanthe

Bizet          Opera    Carmen
Boyce          Symphony No. 5

Elgar          Serenade for strings
Purcell        Suite in C

Stutely     Salt o’ the Sea


Bernard Barrell

  Diversions Diversions on an original theme  
Correlli Concerto Concerto Grosso No. 6  
Mozart       Divertimento Three movements
Vaughan Williams          Charterhouse Suite


Boyce         Gavotte
Boyce         Prelude
James Brown   17th Century Dances
Handel        Messiah Selection

Bach            Concerto Brandenburg No.3 in G
Percy Fletcher  Folk Tune & Fiddle Dance

Percy Grainger  Mock Morris
Mozart          Symphony in G minor Trio

Roger Quilter,  Gavotte     In Georgian Days
Bach            Violin Concerto in E
Grieg           Holberg Suite
Handel          Royal Fireworks Music
Tchaikowski     Waltz


Britten         Simple Symphony
Elgar     March Pomp and Circumstance
Hamerik         Symphonic Spirituelle
Mozart    Divertimento   Three movements

Schumann        Tone Picture No.3
Bach            Violin Concerto in E

Elgar           Serenade No. 2
Julian Herbage  Humours of Bath

John Ireland    Minuet
Mozart          Sinfonetta  
Elvey           Gavotte Ancienne

Grieg           Norwegian Melody
Handel          Messiah Selection

Handel          Minuet from Berenice
Grieg           Air
Handel          Four pieces

Lulli        Minuet
Tchaikowski  Andante Cantabile
Bach         Sarabande in D

1924 to 1945