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Woodbridge Orchestral Society

   Site updated on    25 February 2019

The Early Years

The orchestra’s repertoire – the early years

The orchestra has from its earliest days studied, rehearsed and performed works from across much of the classical repertoire; from fifteenth century European to worldwide contemporary music, from Elizabethan to modern English music and from small scale compositions to major symphonic works. Despite inescapable disruption by World War 1, the orchestra’s experience had grown by 1924 so that its programme could include Franz von Suppe’s 1844 overture Morning Noon and Night in Vienna, Jules Massenet’s 1872 Scene Pittoresque, three dances from Edward German’s 1900 suite for Nell Gwyn, Edward Elgar’s 1899 Chanson de Matin and 1897 Chanson de Nuit, the 1920 intermezzo by Albert Ketelby entitled In a Persian Market, and Felix Mendelssohn’s 1829-42 Scottish Symphony.


The 1920s repertoire included also works by Beethoven, Grieg, Holst, Mozart, Schubert, Wagner and Weber as well as by the perhaps less widely-known composers Ambroise Thomas, Arthur Wood, John Ansell, Moritz Moskzovski, Felix Borowski and Frederick Rosse.